The Weekly Round-Up – Riots, Plan B, Lemonade, and YCYC

Photo by hughepaul.

This week we revisited last year’s riots as it’s been exactly a year since they happened.

We talked about how young people are represented, how things have changed, and ask you: what could you change in your area?

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How are young people represented?

This report from the Independent talks about the Reclaim Our Name campaign, an attempt to break down negative perceptions of young people.

This video from vInspired asks young people how they think they are seen by others and how they are represented in the media. They have launched the Reverse Riots, a chance for you to challenge these negative perceptions.

“People like to spread bad news more than they like to spread good news…a lot of projects are going on and a lot of people are doing big, powerful things but they’re just unseen and unheard of.”

Do you agree? Maybe you could spread the word about some of the projects we’ve backed to try and help change that!

Read our full post about the riots here.

Plan B - Youth, music and London

We love this Ted Talk from Plan B. He talks about a lot of things from the way young people are represented in the media, how people need to inspire others, and how his projects are trying to do just that.

One year on from the riots

How have things changed? This article from the Huffington Post has taken images from the present day and a year ago to compare the locations of the riots with how they looked at the time and how they look now.

This report in the Metro asks four young people from Live Magazine to reflect on what took place a year ago. One of the main messages is that young people want their voices heard.

And this post from GOOD talks about how a furniture shop in South London which was torched during the riots has been plastered with positive messages of young people in London.

Two people from Live Magazine also reflect on the riots in this video.

When life gives you lemons…

Nine-year-old Joshua Smith wanted to make sure there were places to play in his neighbourhood. He used a lemonade stand to raise thousands for his local park in Detroit. Read a full post here.

Your Call Your Community

Your Call Your Community

Your Call Your Community

One way you can make things happen for yourself like Joshua is through Your Call Your Community. We’ve teamed up with The Steve Redgrave Fund to ask you: Could you change something in your area?

Your Call Your Community is about being the change you want to see. Head here to find out more, or you could get started right away by clicking below.

Next week we’re going to be talking running. Do you go running in your spare time? Or would you like to start? What are your top running tips? Let us know here. We’ve got loads of top tips from some of our Run Dem Crew Youngers leaders coming your way!

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