The Weekly Round-Up – Hit The Ground Running

In the days following the end of London 2012, we decided to talk about running and to highlight the work of the Run Dem Crew Youngers.

The Run Dem Crew Youngers are all about building up crews of runners around London using running and creativity to change their community. Head here to find out more.

The Olympic athletes have shown us what can be achieved. And this advert which ran in the United States during the Olympics makes the point rather well…

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been inspired by the Olympic athletes’ commitment and determination, and if you’re between 14 and 21 and living in London, Run Dem Crew Youngers could be just the place to put all that inspiration to use!

You’ll need to be quick with those applications, though, because we announced this week that you’ve only got until the 26th of September to tell us what your running crew would be like.

Mo Farah Running Away From Things

Okay, we know it’s silly but we had to chuckle at this blog showing various comical Photoshopped scenes of double gold medallist and London 2012 hero Mo Farah running away from fictional dangers.


Meet the crew leaders

On Monday we spoke to crew leader Rianna Price (below) who gave us running and leadership advice based on her own experiences. “Running has benefited me in many ways both physically and psychologically,” says Rianna. “It also allows me to meet new people…[and] has taught me a sense of team work and loyalty.

On Tuesday, Run Dem Crew Younger leaders Rianna and Nathaniel Cole (seen in the video below) gave us their top 5 running tips and their top 5 tips for successful crew leadership as part of our post on staying motivated.

Interestingly, both of them recommended ‘just getting out there’ – five or ten minutes of running is better than none – and seeking camaraderie with other runnersRead more here.

On Thursday we also caught up with some other crew leaders Azi, James, John and Ebuka. We found out more about their successes and challenges when setting up a running crew, and they offered advice to people who are thinking about starting one of their own.

You can find out about them here.

Born to run: music (and zombies!) to motivate

“Listening to music allows me to sustain my running for a longer period of time,” says Rianna. We couldn’t agree more.

The kinds of music you listen to - if you listen to music when exercising – is highly personal; there are no set rules. We’ve even heard of people listening to spoken word albums or books because of their even tempo. For us, the aggression of rock and some rap works.

Photo by M. G. Expósito (Creative Commons)

Image by M. G. Expósito. (Creative Commons)

If you like progressive house then you may like Steve Boyett’s Podrunner, possibly one of the world’s most popular running podcasts. They’re free to download. His free Podrunner app allows you to play the mixes at your chosen beats per minute (BPM).

To discover the BPM of a song you can use this simple website – just tap a key in time to the music.

If you think that a bit of fear is what you need to get running, here’s an app called Zombies, Run! which makes it feel like you’re being chased by zombies to help you push through the miles.

The creation of the app was funded through a Kickstarter Campaign and below was their pitch to try and get people to back them. It ended up being a success!

Run Dem Crew Youngers recently showed their musical talents by producing a mixtape for RWD online magazine to inspire their members and you. You can listen to a track from the mixtape below and download the full thing here so you can listen to it on your next run.

Running tips and support from the web

There’s loads of advice for runners out there. Hal Higdon is a veteran long-distance runner and a globally respected author of 36 running books. His website is a mine of information and features tried-and-tested (by us!) training programmes for those of various fitness levels and goals. Visit here.

Image by Jules K. (Creative Commons)

The NHS website also has good advice on the benefits of running and how to get from ‘couch to 5km’, here. Runners World offer 50 pearls of wisdom for beginners, here, while Complete Running brings you no fewer than 100 tips on everything from wearing spandex undershorts so as to avoid chafing, to nutrition and safety. Find out more here.

And here’s some great advice from the Run Dem Crew blog – “How Do I Start Running?”

You can learn about becoming a crew leader here, or if you want to get started right away, tell us a little about what your crew would be like by clicking below and filling out our short enquiry form.

Get Started Now

All applicants must be aged between 14 and 21, and living in London.

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