Are You Healthy?

All of these Olympic athletes are making us look bad. Gymnasts are flipping around on mats and making it look easy. Cyclists are going for miles and barely breaking a sweat. Maybe we’re speaking for ourselves here, though. Maybe you’re keeping yourself as healthy as that lot. In that case – well done! For the rest of us, there may still be some room for improvement.

Do you keep yourself healthy? Let us know in our poll.

The internet is full of health tips, way too many to read and make sense of. So we’ve just grabbed a couple of things together to get you thinking about health. And they tend break down to two things, really – Eating healthy, and getting active.

We want to hear from you, though. Are you healthy?

Eating Healthy

A recent story from the BBC suggests we’re not getting our full five-a-day of fruit and veg. You can read that report here.

So maybe having more options of healthy food to eat would help. Here are a bunch of recipes from all around the world to get you cooking and thinking about what you’re eating.

Have you thought about what the athletes are eating? The big story from the last Olympics was that Michael Phelps, the American swimmer, was eating about 12,000 calories a day to have enough energy for all of his training. Turns out that’s not true, though, he doesn’t eat nearly as much as that. But here’s some more about what the Olympians are eating, and here’s an article from a nutritionist on the inside telling us a bit more.

Remember, these are athletes with strict training regimes, so what you’re eating or should be eating might not necessarily need to match with them!

Getting Active

And now that we’ve started to eat a bit healthier, we need to be thinking about getting active. Here’s a quiz and some reaction games to help you decide what kind of sports you might enjoy most.

And here’s a report from a little while ago about some options for getting fit without joining a gym.

The Run Dem Crew Youngers say all you need is a pair of trainers. They give people aged 14-21 the tools to change their lives through sport and creativity. They hit the streets, work together, and support each other to push on through the miles.

You can find out more about the Run Dem Crew Youngers and how you can get involved here.

And you can see some of the sporting projects we’ve backed here.

And remember, we’re not qualified to give you any health advice – always check with your doctor!

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